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For both owners of existing homes, and people wanting to build their own home from start to finish, Vinieris Property Development provides a complete construction and renovation project management service in Kefalonia. We will assist clients through the renovation of an existing property or the construction of a new one. We can also supply a comprehensive property management service that includes maintenance and rentals.

Thanks to our vast experience, gained over a long period of time, both in real estate and in engineering and construction, we are in a unique position to offer a service which is designed to give clients peace of mind during and after the construction or renovation period, with the knowledge that their building project or property is being handled and cared for in a reliable and professional manner.
We are also able to offer an exclusive interior design service, which will guarantee that the property you build or renovate, will not only be both unique and tastefully decorated, it will be undertaken to specific style and finishes, chosen with your individual requirements and needs in mind.

Vinieris Property Development is designed to cater for clients wishing to build a villa, house, apartments or business premises, or to renovate any such properties. In order to achieve a successful and problem free completion of a building / renovation project, it is essential to have an experienced team behind you who understand the Greek building regulations, the system and the `Red Tape´. Our main principle is the application of knowledge, experience and professional associates, all at a local level. The construction of a new house, for example, is not particularly complicated in Kefalonia. Many of the processes are the same as in other European countries, but they are handled in a different way, in a different sequence and within a different governmental and social structure. In addition there are local rules and regulations. It is therefore no wonder that prospective owners wishing to build often experience discomfort and mistrust. It is the effective management of these differences and local rules that represent the core of the development service we provide.

At the start of the procedure we will introduce you, the client, to our trusted team of engineers, architects, topographers, banks, accountants and attorneys, all working in tangent, and using their skills as may be required. We would then obtain a costing estimate, which allows the client an understanding of the financial feasibility of the project as well as an assessment of potential risks and construction time frames. As a second phase, we assist with the design process, application for electrical and water supplies, submission of the license application and the details and signing of the building contract.

Once the complicated process of license approval is complete, we ensure that the planned building is constructed in accordance with the drawings and designs, is within the budgeted/contractual cost, conforms to all relevant local and international building standards and regulations, and is of a vary high standard with close attention to every details. Every effort is made to ensure the project is completed within the stipulated timetable. During this phase, we act as the eyes and ears of the client, ensuring that all is going to plan and cost. Finally, we undertake to hand over the project with all checks carried out.

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