Step-by-Step Guide to selling property

Selling property can be far less stressful when you understand the process

1. Selecting an Estate Agent
2. Accurate valuation
3. Presenting you property
4. Marketing your property
5. Accompanied viewings
6. Receiving an offer
7. Offer agreed
8. Pre-Contract
9. Final Contract and Completion

Step 1 Selecting an Estate Agent
Choosing the right company to market your property is the key to a successful sale, and we at Vinieris Real Estate pride ourselves in being the premium estate agency in Kefalonia, with access to the largest demographic of potential buyers. Through our extensive pro-active marketing campaigns, we are absolutely focused with the single aim of attracting serious buyers, and then matching those buyers’ needs with their ideal property. With our vast experience and knowledge, we are able to help you secure the best possible exposure and price for your property.

Step 2 Accurate Valuation
Vinieris Real Estate believe that the key to a successful sale is to have a property advertised at the correct price, in order to attract the premium kind of interest from the premium type of buyer. Because our business is focused solely on the island of Kefalonia, our wealth of knowledge regarding the local market and the specific demands associated with this market, are the key factors when determining a realistic and accurate valuation of your property.

Step 3 Presenting your property
First impressions count for everything, and are key to a successful sale. It is good to consider any outstanding DIY jobs which you have been seeking to do, such as a fresh coat of paint in strategic areas, and a general declutter to give the appearance of spaciousness. Vinieris Real Estate will then visit your property, and together with state of the art digital photography, and a comprehensive property description in several languages, the first stage of selling your property is complete.

Step 4 Marketing your property
Finding the perfect buyer for your property is our main aim, and to help us find that buyer, we have an extensive range of marketing strategies aimed at maximizing the exposure of your property using a wide range of media, including: our comprehensive website; inclusion in international property portals; exhibition stand in the main terminal of Kefalonia Airport; our in house marketing brochure; our UK sister company, Vinieris Kefalonian Properies Ltd; our regular participation in overseas property exhibitions; features in World renowned publications such as Sunday Times, Wall St Journal etc; extensive e mail campaigns.

Step 5 Accompanied viewings
All our viewings are accompanied, and in order to maximize the potential, we will use our expertise to help sell your property from the very outset.

Step 6 Receiving an offer
After identifying a buyer for your property, we will then work towards a realistic offer, ensuring the buyer has the ability to proceed with any agreement, and informing you of any special conditions etc.

Step 7 Offer agreed
Our extensive experience, and given that we are legally bound to act fairly on behalf of both parties, we can help to negotiate an agreed purchase price between the buyer and vendor, and any timescales involved with the sale. There is no legal obligation on either side at this point, until contracts are signed.

Step 8 Pre-Contract
A pre-contract will then be prepared and signed by both parties at the Notary Public, usually by their prospective lawyers. This commits both the buyer and seller to a price and a date for completion of the sale. At the time of signing the pre-contract, the buyer pays an agreed deposit which is usually around 10% of the purchase price. This deposit (less handling charges) is refundable in the event that the buyers’ lawyer is unable satisfy himself with respect to the searches etc. However, should the buyer wish to cancel the sale for any other reason, the deposit is forfeited.

Step 9 Final Contracts and Completion
The Notary Public, together with the respective lawyers, will draw up the final contract prior to the completion of the process. The final contract will encompass and include all detailed information regarding the property to be sold. On the day of the Final Contract, the relevant paperwork is signed by both parties, or their respective lawyers, the balance of the agreed price is paid to the seller, and the contracts are completed.

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